There are some food-related combinations that just seem to go hand-in-hand, and there are others have yet to be discovered. Barrington Reeves believes he's ventured onto unchartered territory with the creation of A Wing And A Prayer, a Drake-themed pop-up chicken wing spot in Scotland.

"This seemed like a natural marriage of our two passions – food and music," Reeves said, per Glasgow Live. "We’ve really been able to push the boundaries creatively, coming up with fun and quirky ideas that most big agencies would shy away from. I always like to let a little bit of myself and my personality come through in projects but this has allowed me to take it to another level." 

A Wing And A Prayer offers items that slightly borrow from Drake, like the Controlla Caribbean Chicken, but there are also dishes, such as the buttermilk seitan, which is for the vegans who want to get in on the action. "A lot of similar street food markets have been reserved, quite pretentious and gentrified," Reeves admits. "We wanted something more fun and fresh."

A Wing And A Prayer is currently based strictly in Finnieston's DockYard Social in Scotland, but if other places, like the United States, start showing interest in the pop-up shop, it could possibly find its way in the States. All you can do is pray to the 6 God.