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One of the many anticipated performers during tonight’s American Music Awards was Christina Aguilera. She was set to honor the late Whitey Houston and the 25th anniversary of The Bodyguard, and safe to say she met everyone’s expectations.

Viola Davis opened with a few words about Houston’s legacy and The Bodyguard. “The American Music Awards was many ways her home. Whitney received 21 AMAs, the most of any female artist in history,” she said.

.@violadavis gets the crowd ready for a MOVING & ICONIC performance by @xtina! 💕 #WHITNEYxCHRISTINA

— AMAs (@AMAs) November 20, 2017

Aguilera’s performance was a medley of classics. She went through “I Will Always Love You, “I Have Nothing,” “Run to You,” “I’m Your Baby Tonight,” and “I’m Every Woman.”

While the reactions were mixed (it just reaffirms how much everyone misses Whitney’s voice), Aguilera still put on an impressive performance.

P!nk's face during Christina Aguilera's Whitney Houston tribute has me rolling on the floor. #AMAs

— keaton bell (@keatonkildebell) November 20, 2017

The Queen is Back. 😱😱😱#AMAs @xtina

— Lopez1318 (@Lopez13181) November 20, 2017

There will never be another Whitney, but @xtina Christina Aguilera is killing these songs #AMAs What a beautiful tribute...she can sang!!! Such soul and grace. I have chills!!!

— Yep it's me (@chatwithsas) November 20, 2017


— BITCH (@whozdez) November 20, 2017

OMG Christina Aguilera is sounding amazing honoring Whitney Houston #AMAs I'm crying guys this sooooo beautiful and heartfelt u feel the soul and the voice

— Madeline K (@MadelineCT) November 20, 2017

Christina Aguilera is the most beautiful singer in the world, her voice is amazing, a angel. She is unic #AMAs

— V. (@littlemood) November 20, 2017

This is very well intended. And sweet. And Christina Aguilera looks beautiful, and I've missed her onstage so much....buuuuuuuuut this could have been so much better #WHITNEYxCHRISTINA

— Gerrick D. Kennedy (@GerrickKennedy) November 20, 2017

Christina‘s not doing bad... at all, but it just further puts in perspective just how great of a voice Whitney was.

— Steven Dingle (@stevozone4) November 20, 2017

That was slick kinda pitchy but phew can she wail

— Craig Bro Dude (@CraigSJ) November 20, 2017

There's two types of people:

Those who appreciate music and true tributes to black artists.

And those who unfortunately thought that Christina Aguilera did a great job saluting Whitney Houston. #AMAs

— Ernest Owens (@MrErnestOwens) November 20, 2017

I keep saying Whitney Elizbaeth Houston Tributes should be award shows showing her old performances Christina didn’t even do bad at all, it was actually really good IMO but it still wasn’t even a fraction of the greatest vocalist of all time, she truly will always be the VOICE.

— Armani (@elusivewizard) November 20, 2017

what people gotta understand is whitney houston’s vocal range is forever unmatchable so nobody can SANG EXACTLY her vocal range ever in this life... but christina is doing great

— ◡̈ (@softsglow) November 20, 2017

I’m so proud of Christina. My girl always pulls thru and delivers a stellar performances.

— Whitney 👸🏾🎈 (@blackgirlicon) November 20, 2017

Christina Aguilera was absolutely breathtaking. Whitney is smiling. #WHITNEYxCHISTINA #AMAs

— Music 🎶 (@_dvmusic) November 20, 2017

You can watch the full performance above.