There once was a time when album releases followed predictable timelines and marketing strategies. But nowadays, everyone has a mix tape to randomly bless the world with on any given moment, and what once would be called an album is now a playlist. The result is more music, and often more good music, so no one’s complaining.

Likely with that in mind, Vic Mensa decided to reverse the usual process today and ask his Twitter followers if they’d be interested in mixtape with DJ Drama.

Now, here’s the thing about asking a group of your own followers about a project you’d like to do. If they’re already there, they’re probably already fans to some degree—so if you propose more music, they’ll probably be up for it. But Vic really did give them an opportunity to say “Thanks but no thanks,” and yet that was not the response he got. In fact, it was the opposite; it sure looked like people were incredibly excited.

But now we have to wait and see if Vic was teasing something he already has in store, or if he was really just using Twitter as a sounding board. But with such an overwhelmingly positive response, it’s hard to imagine the idea would be shelved.