Kehlani, like so many others, is fed up with the continuous celebration of Columbus Day.

The 22-year-old singer shared an important and honest message Monday about Christopher Columbus and what she believes he symbolizes.

"When you celebrate Christopher Columbus you are celebrating rape, torture, the robbery of land and culture. You are celebrating pain, encouraging abuse and abusers, saying it’s ok to take what isn’t yours, and destroy in the process,” she wrote on Instagram.


A movement to abolish the national holiday has gained momentum in recent years, with many opponents calling Columbus Day a painful reminder of the suffering and death initiated by Columbus’ voyage to what came to be known as the Americas. There’s been a push to replace the holiday with Indigenous Peoples Day, which celebrates and honors the victims of colonialism rather than the oppressors and tyrants. 

Kehlani encouraged her fans, specifically indigenous people, to reclaim the day and reconnect with their roots.

"When entering any land, any space or even any practice, you must honor what & who came before you," she wrote. "If you are indigenous take some time to learn... to fully understand your right to land, medicine, connection & being. Know that the ancient ways of your people were & are so strong that people felt they had to separate you from it. Our power lies in connecting again, in reclaiming, in taking back our rites of passage & practice of healing."

You can read her full message below.