Corey McClendon, the Yo Gotti associate who was recently arrested in connection with the shooting of Young Dolph, was released without charges Friday, according to USA Today. Greg Risling, the spokesman for the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office, said McClendon was released because prosecutors required “further investigation” from police. The type of investigation needed was not specified.

"Under California law, if you are arrested and booked and no charges are filed within 48 hours, you have to be released," Risling said. He added that police must "come back to us [the prosecution] with a case and then [the district attorney] will decide whether to file charges."

McClendon, a friend of Yo Gotti, had been held in a Los Angeles prison since Wednesday on $1 million bail as a suspect in the shooting of Young Dolph on Tuesday in Hollywood, which left the rapper in critical condition. McClendon initially faced an attempted murder charge.

“[Young Dolph was] targeted because of who he is and some kind of beef that’s ongoing,"  Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck said. "I think this was something he brought with him from across the United States."

As TMZ reported earlier this week, both Gotti and Young Dolph were staying at the same hotel and their respective crews got into an argument. Soon after, shots were fired outside the hotel. Yo Gotti himself was initially reported as a “person of interest” in the shooting, but that was quickly debunked by Officer Mota of the L.A. County Sheriff’s Office.