The Weeknd took to social media Friday to make a few changes that fans have immediately caught on to.

As Pop Crave points out, the Toronto star has shared a nine-panel 'gram with orange background and no text or captions. People have already started speculating it could be the sign of a new album, and Pop Crave presumes as much:

But let's not be too quick to call this a "new era." When the Weeknd started his promo run for Starboy, he wiped his entire IG clear. His current Instagram still includes posts from before. 

Also take into account the fact that he's currently on his Starboy: Legend of the Fall Tour, which probably wouldn't be the best time to start a new "chapter," as he's called it before. Armchair A&R mode: it would make sense for him to fully finish up Starboy's chapter before diving into the next one.

So what exactly is he teasing? Possibly a new single, or something to that scale. He did recently drop his new collection with H&M, so maybe it's fashion-related.

We've reached out to a rep for the Weeknd for comment, and will update when it's available.

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