6 Dogs has been an enigma since he burst onto the SoundCloud scene early this. At first, his voice was puzzling, as new an experience as hearing Lil Yachty for the first time, but as take the quick dive into his still-tiny catalogue, everything starts to click. His song “Faygo Dreams”—produced by Pretty Pacc—has been inescapable on SoundCloud, propelling him to plays at Travis Scott shows. 6 Dogs' voice is trance-inducing, and his lyrics can at sometimes be dark: “Did she forget that I’m ugly/This clout makes a person go crazy/Good thing I’m already crazy.”

It's no surprise that on of 6 Dogs' has stated one of his significant influences to be Lil Peep, although he exists much more in the rap world than the emo-tinged rap of the recent SoundCloud breakout. Part of 6 Dogs’ appeal lies in his disregard for what anyone thinks, starting at his close-to-nonsensical moniker. As much as SoundCloud wants to learn more about the mysterious Atlanta high school student, apparently every SoundCloud generation needs an enigmatic star.