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Jeremy Zucker has released three EPs that have shined a light on his brand of pop melodies and warm vocals, and now the New Jersey singer/songwriter and producer is entering the next phase of his career that may take it to the next level. He recently linked up with Blackbear for "Talk Is Overrated," and today fans of Zucker get to dive into "End."

r u ready?

— jerm (@JeremyZucker) September 20, 2017

The song focuses on a relationship that sounds like it's in its last days, and while the lyrics find Zucker pouring his heart out, he envisions a more positive outcome. The 21-year-old artist describes "End" as sharing a "tiny thread of hope that makes the future a bit brighter."

“I wrote ‘End’ alone in a tiny dorm room in London. I remember it being a really shitty day: it was unusually overcast (even for London’s standards), and I had spent most of the morning in bed," he tells Complex. "When I started the song, it was about frustration. Somehow, frustration turned to nostalgia turned to hopelessness, and before I even realized what I was even writing about, the song was finished."

Check out "End" below and keep an ear out for Zucker's upcoming EP due out on Republic.