On Tuesday night, Cardi B continued her world domination by performing "No Limit" on the Tonight Show alongside G-Eazy. Shortly afterwards, the chart-topping rapper took to Instagram Live to share a snippet of a previously unheard song.

The excerpt, which you can hear above, finds Cardi reflecting on her past while firing back against her haters. 

"Used to dance at a club right across from my school," she spits. "I said dance, not fuck, don’t get it confused/Had to set the record straight, 'cause bitches love to assume/.../I was covered in dollars, now I'm dripping in jewels/A bitch play with my money, might as well spit in my food."

As of yet, there is no information about the track's title, or if it will be a part of Cardi's upcoming album, which she recently announced would likely be out in November. However, Cardi did recently promise that she would soon drop a freestyle to celebrate making it to the top of the Billboard Hot 100 with "Bodak Yellow." The new rap, she said, is "a freestyle that I did with my whole entire cockroach heart 'cause my heart is very little, like a cockroach." 

Whether this song is that freestyle, or an album cut, or something else entirely, hopefully Cardi will follow J. Cole's advice and let the full version out into the world soon.