The largely underwhelming video for Taylor Swift's new single "Look What You Made Me Do" premiered during the MTV Video Music Awards Sunday. Though the video includes quite a few Easter eggs for fans and detractors alike, the most notable moment occurs in the final seconds, when multiple Taylor Swifts—each from a different era in her career—argue with each other. According to a report from TMZ, that's actually not too far off from how Kanye West and Kim Kardashian view their supposed feud with the Reputation singer.

According to a new (albeit extremely thin) bit of anonymous sourcing from TMZ Monday, the feud is indeed old news to Kanye and Kim. Sources claim they feel the feud is "old and buried," with one allegedly well-connected insider adding that Taylor developments aren't on Kanye's radar at all. Additionally, one source or insider or whatnot claimed, Kim considered the whole issue to be resolved a year ago.

Of course, we should most certainly point out that TMZ's "reporting" on the new Taylor single also includes an entire article written about Kanye's recent decision to rock a My Bloody Valentine T-shirt. TMZ, in a perplexing article entitled "Kanye West BLOODY UNIMPRESSED By Taylor Swift's New Album," failed to note that My Bloody Valentine is in fact a great fucking band and not a reference to Taylor, Swift, or anything else. "Kanye's sporting a t with the words, my bloody Valentine emblazoned on the front," their report read. "Unclear what that means." Fucking embarrassing. Christ.

Anyway, enjoy some My Bloody Valentine below. This one goes out to TMZ.