If you've ditched the radio altogether in 2017, you know there are a few small drawbacks to syncing your phone up with your car. One of the slight issues—which firmly falls into the category of #FirstWorldProblems—is that when you first hook your device of choice up to your car, it can default to the alphabetical beginning of your library. A minor annoyance, sure, but over time it can really wear on your nerves to hear the same song blasted at you as soon as you start the car.

Fear not, because there is an internet hero here to save you from this fate. Samir Mezrahi, former director of social media for BuzzFeed, decided to take matters into his own hands and offer an alternative. Creating a song he titled, "A a a a a Very Good Song," Mezrahi uploaded a nine minute, fifty-eight second track available for download on iTunes. There was one catch—the song is totally silent.

For the price of just $0.99, iTunes users could avoid this problem, and judging by the response to the track, it was an option they wanted desperately for a long time. The song reached as high as No. 30 on the iTunes charts, slotting in just a couple spots behind legitimate, big-name artists like Ed Sheeran. It has since fallen from that lofty position, but remains at No. 78 as of this writing, two slots ahead of Lil Uzi Vert's anthem "XO TOUR Llif3."

The reviews of "A a a a a Very Good Song" may be the best part about the whole thing. Using the power of iTunes reviews, users have given the song a 4.5 star average rating, singing the praises of Mezrahi's hilarious experiment.

"A modern masterpiece," wrote iTunes user Cai Mossman. "The slick lines and verbal ingenuity show that this truly is a song that can go with any venue and work perfectly." Others were less sarcastic with their praise, simply thanking this everyday hero for his contribution to society, and social media users piled on with enthusiasm.

If you want the sound of silence to grace the top of your iTunes list, you can buy the track by following the link here.