Get ready to say the phrase "scum fuck flower boy" a lot over the next few months. Tyler, the Creator has revealed the title, tracklist, and cover art for his new album. The title, promisingly, is Scum Fuck Flower Boy. The album, including the recently released singles "Who Dat Boy" featuring ASAP Rocky and "911/Mr. Lonely" featuring Frank Ocean, is out July 21. For traditional retail outlets afraid of words like "scum" and "fuck," the album will simply be listed as Flower Boy.

As Tyler noted on Twitter just before unveiling the cover art, the scum fucky phrase first appeared on some shirts (and a bike) earlier this year. "So i put some words on some clothing last year," Tyler said. "Some people had ideas on what it was used for, made some sites blah blah. when people are desperate for info, they believe anything ive realized. with that said they were right about one thing. happy i can show you this first instead of a supportive but invasive fan page [sic]."

For the cover, Tyler enlisted artist Eric White. In a 2013 piece for the Los Angeles Times, Leah Ollman touted White as "a bit of a vandal, or better yet, a misappropriationist." For Scum Fuck Flower Boy, Tyler crafted one cover and White did the other.

Tyler's last studio album was 2015's Cherry Bomb, featuring contributions from Kanye West and Pharrell.

If you haven't already, catch the video for "Who Dat Boy" and stream "911/Mr. Lonely" below.

Have a scummy and fucky day, everyone.​