Complex cover star Lana Del Rey is fresh off the release of Lust for Life, and her new album is getting positive reviews from people in vastly different segments of the music universe. While the project featured lots of the haunting Del Rey aesthetic you've come to know and love, she also got a little more adventurous with the features, grabbing well-placed help from ASAP Rocky and Playboi Carti.

The success of those features makes the prospect of more Del Rey music even more exciting, as she expands her range further than we'd seen previously. And during a promotional appearance for the album last week, Del Rey teased fans that she might end up releasing a group of unreleased songs as another full-fledged project.

"I was thinking of releasing a record of my 25 favorite leaked songs, but I don't know if it's a good idea," she said. After the crowd roared in approval at her suggestion, she appeared to take their passion to heart. "OK, so that will happen at some point."

Del Rey specifically cited a couple records titled "Yosemite" and "Best American Record," both of which leaked prior to Lust for Life dropping on July 21. But at least in the case of "Best American Record," which found its way to the internet in late February, it was only a demo version, and not the finished product she seems to be teasing if she indeed turns this into a full-fledged project. It's particularly surprising to see her willing to officially release some of these songs, because she has actively torn down leakers for putting her music out there before it's ready.

Once word got out about the potential drop, fans were pretty fired up.

@LanaDelRey If you release that album of 25 leaked songs, I will actually die of happiness. 😭😂😭

— Danny Porter (@melancod719) July 30, 2017

I can't breathe

— rey (@Reyna_Ramirez_) July 27, 2017


— natalia (@lanaxconan) July 27, 2017


— ⠉⠁⠗⠇⠕⠎⠁⠗⠗⠑⠁⠛⠁ (@justakidfromags) July 26, 2017

There's no word yet on whether this will actually come to fruition, and that's a pretty serious undertaking if any/all of the songs are unfinished. But she's not the type of person who tends to tease things just for the sake of doing so, and it seems like there's a pretty good chance you'll be getting a boatload of new Lana Del Rey music sometime in the near future.

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