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Tyga has been dropping loose singles since he began 2017 with the New Year’s Day release of the Kanye West assisted “Feel Me.” Meanwhile, Vince Staples is gearing up for a June 23 release of his Big Fish Theory project. The two find themselves matched up on Tyga’s latest track “Playboy,” which Tyga dropped on his Soundcloud page and announced via his social media channels.

Having been one of a handful of rappers to win an AVN award for his 2013 adult film Rack City: XXX, the song finds Tyga revisiting some familiar lyrical territory.

“You know how many pretty bitches drove me to liquor stores/For condoms and sour liquor straws/I get her hot Cheetos just to see her lick her fingers/Ya boy,” Tyga raps.

There are also references to paparazzi, a likely byproduct of Tyga’s on and off relationship with Kardashian family member Kylie Jenner. Production, which is highlighted by brooding keys, is handled by Crakwav, 

Vince taps in around the two-minute mark with the type of bars the Long Beach, California product has been become synonymous with over the last few years.

“Racing wing on the GT4/I’m finna drive this motherfucker to the ocean floor/Cold word long nights with my old girl/If I put a baby in her I hope she don’t abort,” Vince spits.

Tyga’s more recent social media posts have included the #bits2 hashtag, hinting at an upcoming sequel to 2011’s Bitch I’m The Shit mixtape. During a September 2016 pop up show at Manhattan’s Highline Ballroom, Kanye West announced he signed Tyga to his G.O.O.D. Music imprint.

You can stream “Playboy” below.