If you’ve never seen Swae Lee dance with a bottle of Hennessey, I highly recommend remedying that. It’s like watching Nijinsky lithely glide in the “Rite of Spring”; Harry Potter hypnotically waving a wand of holly and phoenix feather; Gustavo Dudamel conducting Beethoven’s Fifth.

On this Sunday afternoon at 2:30 p.m., Swae Lee, 23, is turned up to 11. He’s frying in the Las Vegas sun but somehow hasn’t broken a sweat—frantically unleashing 360 spin moves, shoulder leans, and trap arm aerobics workouts. Nary a single drop has spilled from his nearly full fifth of Henny onto the outdoor stage at Drai’s Beachclub.

Somehow, he’s still rapping almost every word to his No. 1 single, “Black Beatles.” He and Paul McCartney may or may not be related, but Sir Paul certainly hasn’t seen anything this graceful since he watched cartoons with Michael Jackson that fateful 1982 night that inspired “The Girl is Mine.”

Swae Lee only stops communing with the spirit to pour out liberal splashes in the front row. Attendees also toss their phones on-stage to Swae’s brother, Slim Jxmmi.