Friday brought the release of DJ Khaled's 23-track album Grateful, featuring the apparent continuation of Nicki Minaj's feud with Remy Ma. Minaj seemingly sends a few more shots Ma's way on "Nobody" and "I Can't Even Lie," including what certainly sounds like a reference to Papoose's Instagram activity.

On the Alicia Keys-featuring "Nobody," Minaj raps "you know the liar will accuse you." The line, though possibly a reference to Safaree's repeated ghostwriting claims, could also be interpreted as a response to Ma's "Shether." In "Shether," Ma took direct shots with multiple instances of "Fuck Nicki Minaj!" and a rebuke of Minaj's queen status.

Minaj links with Future on "I Can't Even Lie" for (seemingly) more obvious Ma mentions. "Who lied and said you next?" Minaj asks, before offering up some sage Instagram advice:

Keep your man off my Instagram, bitch

99 problems, but ain't one a damn bitch

Though Papoose—Ma's husband—isn't named here, this would appear to be a dig at his alleged Instagram lurking:

Minaj also recently referenced Papoose on 2 Chainz' Pretty Girls Like Trap Music cut "Realize." In her verse, Minaj accused Papoose of ghostwriting "Shether" while she was busy breaking records previously held by Aretha Franklin.

Just last week, Minaj and Ma traded shots during their performances at Hot 107.9's Birthday Bash event in Atlanta, Georgia. Though fans started circulating the theory that Ma was still in the venue when Minaj delivered a surprise performance of "No Frauds," Ma later clarified in a since-deleted Instagram post that she had already exited. "First of all, nobody even looks at you like that," she said. "Do you know that nobody believes that you're tough like that? Stop. It's actually painful to watch."