Following its premiere in New York City back in March, Illegal Civilization's latest short film starring Mac Miller has been released on YouTube. The six-minute short, directed by Illegal Civilization founder Mikey Alfred, also stars Todd Short and Ryder McLaughlin.


Winners Club release is tonight 7pm pst. Watch the short film above!

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Miller stars as the well-dressed head of a drama-laden horse ranch. We won't spoil the short's happenings here in the text, but just know this: Miller gets the opportunity to remark upon one ranch dweller's filthy choice of footwear, resulting in the passionately delivered and highly quotable line, "They're gross. You're disgusting. Goodnight." Production took place in North Hollywood.


Mac Miller short film is out now! In our bio. New Winners Club clothes tonight. 6/23/17 7pm pst. Photo by Sam Muller.

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The short film's release will be followed Friday night by the launch of a new collection of Winners Club pieces, including the Mac Miller x Illegal Civilization tracksuit for a combined price of $226. Illegal Civ will also be releasing the Red Summer tracksuit top and bottom, as well as the Black Rose dress.


In May, Illegal Civilization made the long-awaited Tyler, the Creator documentary Cherry Bomb available for priceless consumption. The 42-minute documentary included pop-ins from Kanye West, Pharrell, ASAP Rocky, and more. Revisit some of the doc’s most enlightening moments above.