I've never been Travis Scott's biggest fan, and his lyrics still scan as underwhelming in some instances—"Never go dip on the set, stayed Santana" is just an oddly phrased and kind of lazy punchline. Travis is at his best, though, when he writes in that Swae Lee-esque lyrical style, where words resonate with poetic effect beyond their literal meaning: "Hidden Hills, deep off in the main." Even the name of L.A.'s Hidden Hills neighborhood has an evocative character. Or "Take a sip, feel just how I breathe"—that's an unexpectedly economical way of capturing the paradox of addiction in a way that creates a resonant emotional effect. This is the tightest of the three songs Travis released to SoundCloud, and most likely to become a streaming smash. It's not any kind of pioneering release, but it does capture the median of hip-hop's sound in the moment.