Danny Wolf brings us this new single from Hoodrich Pablo and Danny's upcoming mixtape HoodWolf. Titled "I'll Be Damned," the track features guest verses from Lil Yachty and Makonnen. The glitched-out cover art comes courtesy of the artist Math. "I'll be damned if I be broke," Makonnen raps on the chorus. "Told my momma hell no I ain't sitting in the house/Unless I'm fucking moving this white off the couch/Got a fucking hundred packs coming in the morning/Hell no, I ain't slowing motherfucker I'm up doing push ups/Pushing weight, God damn I'm looking great." Yachty jumps in afterwards to rap about dropping out of school and vacationing in Panama.

Hoodrich Pablo rounds things out with a verse of his own as he flexes over the booming backdrop. "I got it bad like Santa Claus/Money, power, cut your lights off/Eat the beef with the steak sauce," he spits with confidence. Hearing this trio on the same track offers a raw depiction of what's bubbling in Atlanta, and Pablo certainly holds his weight as a rising talent from the city.

"'I'll Be Damned' [is] the first single off of me and Hoodrich Pablo's mixtape HoodWolf coming soon," said Danny. "[It has] features from your favorite rapper." According to Danny, Earl The Pearll from Lil Yachty's Sailing Team crew produced the record. Wolf and Makonnen have worked frequently together in the past, with Danny serving as the executive producer on Makonnen's Red Dragon mixtape, which dropped back in August. "This is basically Makonnen's comeback from all the backlash he's received," Danny explained at the time. Yachty and Makonnen originally had plans to drop a joint mixtape; although it ended up getting scrapped, they're still putting in work together and this is proof.

You can stream Hoodrich Pablo, Lil Yachty, and Makonnen's "I'll Be Damned" below via SoundCloud, and be on the lookout for Pablo and Danny Wolf's HoodWolf mixtape on its way soon.

'Hoodwolf' cover
Image via Publicist