Album: Cruel Summer (2012)
Standout Line:Grade A, A1, chain the color of Akon/Black diamonds, backpack rhymin', co-signed by Louis Vuitton”

Somewhere in the multiverse, there is a darker timeline than this one. In this universe, Trump is still President, bees are still dying at an alarming rate, but when you play “Mercy” there is no 2 Chainz verse. 

It is hard to describe how seismic his turn on “Mercy” was. Without 2 Chainz completely obliterating the song, I don’t think he would’ve had the same career resurgence that included a platinum album, Drake and Kanye features, and dabbing Santa sweaters.

The verse distills everything Chainz had been building organically since his name change, and packages it for mass consumption. His punchlines are epic. In the span of one verse, Chainz describes his “coupe the color of mayonnaise” and then spits his chain is the “color of Akon.” At certain points Chainz becomes his own hype man punctuating the end of his bars with a “Tell ‘em” or “damn” like he can’t believe how great he is at rapping. It's a once-in-a-lifetime moment of a rap.