Most people never get a single chance in life. It is even rarer for those who are rewarded two. For Tauheed Epps, the 2 Chainz moniker is as symbolic as it is aspirational. Out of the ashes of Tity Boi, a member of Playaz Circle and a marginalized artist on Disturbing tha Peace, rose the rapper we know and love today as 2 Chainz.

On a recent episode of Everyday Struggle, 2 Chainz described what it took to pry himself from the cold grips of a Ludacris-led label: “I had to find me a lawyer, and then I ended up getting out. I had to pay him $100K per album, and I think, some other little, like a point, which to me, I've made $100K so many times, it was a pretty good deal to get out of it.” According to an infamous Kanye tweet in 2011, “2 Chainz is charging 100k for a verse now cause he’s good.” It illustrated just how far 2 Chainz came.

The Atlanta MC is a force of nature when it comes to the art of rapping. There aren’t many artists who could freestyle over Kendrick’s “DNA,” let alone make it sound like their own song. While freestyling for The LA Leakers, 2 Chainz threw out punchlines like, “Half a million for the restaurant I have to renovate/Man, I got so many demons. please don’t make me demonstrate,” which is a peak 2 Chainzian bar if I’ve ever heard one. For years, his appeal has been the way he can make the dichotomy of the trap and the luxurious lifestlye of a rapper work in your headphones and in the club. With his latest studio album, Pretty Girls Like Trap Music, coming Friday, we decided to round up the 2 Chainz verses that shifted the way the culture viewed him.