A lot of artists would start slowing down once they dropped a new album, but a lot of artists aren't 2 Chainz. Days after releasing his new projectPretty Girls Like Trap Music, 2 Chainz is back with another music video, this time for his song, "Sleep When U Die."

The new video came through just hours after he shared the visuals for his collaboration with Migos, "Blue Cheese," and I'm starting to wonder how this man has managed to fit all this grinding into such a short time period. "Sleep When U Die" features a pretty big location change compared to the last video, with 2 Chainz abandoning the trap in favor of luxury cars, skyscrapers, and private jets in Dubai.

And if you're going to put off sleep, you might as well roll through in style.

2 chainz cars
Image via YouTube/2 Chainz

When he's not pulling up in a car that's worth more than the average person's life savings, 2 Chainz seems pretty content to admire the scenery.

2 chainz on top of a building
Image via YouTube/2 Chainz

Don't get it twisted, though, he likes to keep a certain type of company around him. And if you didn't believe him already, it looks like pretty girls do indeed like trap music, or at least want to party with the people who make it.

2 chainz video 1
Image via YouTube/2 Chainz

Some friendly advice—don't try to pull off that same move in your personal life. Odds are it will go much, much worse than it did for 2 Chainz and his crew.

You can watch the full video for "Sleep When U Die" up top, and who knows, maybe it will inspire you to live your best life.