According to TMZ, Kanye West is currently "holed up" somewhere on a mountain top in Wyoming, working on new music. Specifically, he's working towards an album. They say he's "smack in the middle of the creative process," which could mean anything from composition notebooks filled with song titles, lyrics, and album artwork sketches. It could also mean Kanye, sitting in a pile of designer clothes and empty Shine packages, looking for the perfect phrase to rhyme with "Baby Groot."

The last time Kanye really "holed up" somewhere was during the My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy days. My Editor-in-Chief was there, and said Kanye was at the Avex Honolulu Studios, locking down three session rooms for 24 hours a day until he was finished. Whatever this next Kanye album will be (Turbo Grafx 16?), I have one question: Where the hell in Wyoming is Kanye West?

Being as I'm a Jersey-born old man, I've never set foot in Wyoming. Looks like a wonderful place to get away from everything after deleting your social media accounts, so with my trusty Google fingers at the ready, here are some possibilities.

Jackson Hole

From what NBC News tells me, Jackson Hole might be the move. Stars like Harrison Ford and Sandra Bullock hang out there, and they starred in classics like The Empire Strikes Back and Speed! Lori Hogan, of Wyoming Travel & Tourism, told NBC News that Jackson Hole is known for its "western living"—that is, "ranching, horses, cowboy boots, and being close to nature." Maybe Kanye's working a more rustic, country twang into his music, similar to how iconic Chicago rap group Crucial Conflict did it. No, that doesn't mean we're getting "Hay 2K18," but maybe some steel guitars or back porch wailin' could come into play.

Or Kanye's just posted up, as he so often does, at a luxury hotel. Like the Amangani, which is described as "the ideal base for exploring the magnificent natural surroundings in the warmer months." It's May, so who knows if anyone is actually there; maybe Kanye's getting his Shining on, and is overseeing the hotel.

Interesting that TMZ used the phrase "holed up," and we talking about Jackson Hole...

Yellowstone National Park

According to the Bozeman Daily Chronicle, visits to Yellowstone are currently down, so far. You know what that means? Fewer people occupying the open spaces of one of America's illest national parks. It's been around since 1872, and stretches across Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana. Plus it is home to all kinds of wolves, bison, and elk. If Kanye was truly trying to get away from it all, in Wyoming of all places, Yellowstone is more than likely the way to go.

I'm not sure what the laws regarding sleeping in national parks are, nor do I know how he'd actually record his album out there, but at the very least, he could recreate some fire scenes from the "Bound 2" video, right? #inspiration

In one of Fred and Kimmy's properties

Oh, you aren't up on Fred and Kimmy from Wyoming Mountain Properties? Here they are.

Fred and Kimmy
Image via Wyoming Mountain Properties

I mean, why wouldn't you rock with Kimmy and Fred? You see how Fred's got the Bluetooth with his phone on his other ear? That's the kind of property guy I want to work with. They have spots all over Wyoming: Dubois, Jackson Hole, Cody, Crowheart, and other places I didn't know existed until earlier today. It's also the first result when you Google "Wyoming mountain properties," which means that their SEO game is on point. I also imagine they are discreet, and wouldn't tell anyone where Kanye was letting his freak flag fly.

Who knows where Kanye is. But you can be sure KTT is prowling Airbnb properties as we speak, trying to zero in.