For those who don't now, May is Foster Care Awareness month. It's estimated that on any given day, there are over 400,000 children in some form of foster care in the United States. It's a much needed aid for many American youth, during some of their most formative years—which is why awareness around caregiving is necessary messaging to help provide assistance for youth in need. 

That's where Swizz Beatz comes in. The legendary producer and artist has made it his mission to help draw attention and educate the masses about the importance of foster care through his work as a board member of Children's Rights. We caught up with him while he was filming a PSA in honor of the month to learn more about how he got involved with Children's Rights, what he wants the masses to know about foster care, and he also chats with a few Foster Club alum about the importance of education.

Check out the video above.