Kanye West is a man who takes his creative process very seriously. So his excursion into the mountains of Wyoming may have been unorthodox, but it certainly fits within the framework of his tortured artist persona.

But Kanye isn't hiding out in the mountains alone. According to Page Six, he has a very well-known friend visiting him in Wyoming—GOOD Music president (and rapper, obviously) Pusha T.  Kanye's labelmate has reportedly been there from time to time to show support and help get Kanye out of the dark place he has been in over the last year or so.

"He inspires Kanye to write," said their source. "Kanye’s trying to find his creative voice again, and he has people there to help him get, and stay, on track. He’s still a little off and is trying to get himself back."

Kanye and Pusha have linked up on a ton of hits—"Runaway" is one of the biggest tracks in either artist's catalog—and good things tend to happen when they get together in the studio. Even if he's hiding out in a backwoods Wyoming town, a friendly face like Pusha's can make it feel like home away from home for Kanye.

Given how many things he's juggling these days, it's hard to blame Kanye for feeling a little overwhelmed and in need of a creative reset. He's trying to simultaneously break into the fashion industry, dominate the sneaker game, and continue reigning at the top of hip-hop. That's all while assuming the responsibilities of a father and husband in the Kardashian world, which doesn't allow for much down time out of the spotlight.

Kanye loves to retreat to studios in far-flung places when he's working on new music—his secluded set-up in Hawaii helped birth the greatness that is My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy—but we'll have to wait and see if the mountains of Wyoming can produce similar results. Regardless, it's good to see he's not out in the wilderness on his own.