We all want to live our lives with creativity and authenticity. And nothing embodies both of those things quite like hip-hop. That’s why Fresh Empire is hosting The New Wave competition that will give six talented young rappers the chance to compete against each other in one epic hip-hop showdown! And guess what else? The contest is hosted by the legendary Sway! He will be on hand for the entire competition to guide both contestants and fans through the whole crazy experience.

The New Wave is a truly amazing opportunity for the rappers involved, as they will all get the chance to rock the stage at exclusive Fresh Empire events all across the country. Not only that, but one lucky winner will also get his or her own exclusive feature on Complex! Now that is something worth battling for.

The six contestants—all of whom keep their rap game fresh and live their lives tobacco-free—are Lil Key; Nasaan; Kodie Shane; Havi; Mark Battles; and Unghetto Mathieu. You can learn more about them and vote for your favorite artist by visiting the Fresh Empire website. Starting May 17, you can also cast YOUR vote for which rappers move on to the next round based on an epic cypher where the artists will go head to head! So don’t miss out. Let your voice be heard!