Toronto-based songwriter and producer Joseph Ember, formerly known as Ursa Major, is today releasing his new single "Exit Society". Bluesy guitars, xylophones, live drums and a big thumping bass line are smoothly and inconspicuously tied together. Overall, the electronics have been dialed back somewhat from the fuzzy electronic R&B of Ursa Major, opting instead to include more organic sounds and live instruments. Sonically, as Ember explains, it's the sound of oppressively hot summers spent trying to survive the heat:

"'Exit Society' was first put together on a blazing hot Toronto summer day in Quin Kiu's apartment with no air conditioning. The only thing that could really fit that kind of vibe was a raw bass line; some kind of summertime skeleton. It had to be bare bones, with the vocals sliding off that. We had xylophones in the chorus to add extra rays of sunshine, and finally a touch of bluesy guitar to round off the drums. Whatever it was, it just worked. We made a completely different song with the same beat but once we decided to add the guitar, we both understood the direction and the entire song was done in about an hour."

Listen to the new single exclusively below.

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