Less than a week after he dropped his third studio album, Everybody, Logic sat down with Zane Lowe for an in-depth interview. The Maryland rapper discussed a wide-range of topics, including his plans for the future, working with J. Cole, and the process of creating a quadrilogy, which he will complete with his upcoming album Ultra 85. The most notable part of the Beats 1 interview, however, was when Logic opened up about his struggles with anxiety.

"I was in the worst place, the most unhappy place in my life last year," the 27-year-old rapper admitted. "Because of my anxiety. I was going through the craziest anxiety. Bro, you don't understand. I made millions of dollars last year, and I was so unhappy. And that just goes to show that money does not make you happy. Success doesn't make you happy."

He said, at that time, his life started to become routine: Performing over 100 shows, conducting meet-and-greets, and engaging with fans was so "redundant" it messed with his mental state. Logic insists he loves his fans and creating music, but the pressure of the business started getting to him.

"[It] was becoming, like, you have to do this. I have to do this if I want to buy my house, if I want to keep my manager and the label happy, and then I started doing things not for me, but because I wanted others to be happy," he explained. "And then I said, screw everybody else. I have to be happy first."

Logic, who just landed his first-ever Complex cover story, said he is in a much better place, thanks in large part to a good diet, exercise, rest, and overall balance. He said his final album Ultra 85 will reflect his happy state and will be a project about celebration.

You can listen to the full 40-minute interview below.

Logic also made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! this week, where he performed "Black SpiderMan" down Hollywood Boulevard. The rapper was joined by Damian Lemar Hudson, two bodyguards, and a handful of pedestrians, before making his way to the Jimmy Kimmel outdoor stage. You can check out the performance below.