Is Justin Bieber actually dating Pitch Perfect 3 star Hailee Steinfeld after being introduced by way of megachurch Jesus dude Carl Lentz? That's the claim of an iffy new report that single-handedly sparked a gossip site war Tuesday. As should be expected at this point in our pop culture journey, the riveting report in question comes straight from TMZ's sources.

According to their sources, Bieber and Steinfeld's (extremely rumored) relationship is "still fresh." The two have allegedly only been "seeing each other" for a month and some change. The aforementioned Lentz is being credited as their introduction point, with TMZ claiming that both Bieber and Steinfeld are known to attend his Hillsong services.

Anyway, here's a grainy pic of the two in the same room together. For the record, being in the same room together doth not a relationship make:

And below is a pic alleging to show Bieber FaceTiming with Steinfeld last month. For the record, FaceTiming doth not a relationship make:

Though the names are spelled completely differently and name-based jokes aren't all that funny, we can assume a lot of people will immediately start bringing up the fact that Bieber was previously linked with Hailey Baldwin:

For everyone who thinks name-based jokes are funny, we have some potentially bad news: Multiple gossip sites that aren't TMZ strongly disagree with these Bieber x Steinfeld rumors. Both Just Jared Jr. and Gossip Cop published stories Tuesday strongly rebuking the dating claims. "There is no truth to this at all," one source said, adding that the two are nothing more than friends. Also, Steinfeld is apparently dating someone else. Get these rumors out of here.