Icytwat, the man behind Divine Council's distinct production, has been teasing his solo project Milk for quite some time, and today, it's finally here. He usually stays behind the boards but on Milk, he decided to feature his raps more prominently. He's rapping on the songs with no features except for "Fuck." So far "Z4 Music is my favorite in terms of his rapping and "Pastel Talk" featuring Indigo Child Rick and Silkmoney is my favorite track. Also, the third installment of the "Lil Shorty" series goes.

In an email, he told us about how much he hates the act of rapping, how those raps came about, and what influenced the Milk sound:

"I'm not a rapper. I actually hate rapping but I think performing is cool and fun as fuck and I wanna watch people sing my songs and shit. The rapping on this came about through me forcing myself to write a journal everyday but make it rhyme. I started when we went on tour with Thug and 21 back in November. Every rap on here besides "Fuck" and "Space" is a journal entry that ended building a beat around. It was cool because I wasn't pressed to write or make songs. It kinda just came to me and I placed different journal entries with others and I ended up liking it. All the songs are basically my thoughts. Nothing forced. The beats were influenced by Odd Future first and always, 36 Mafia, Old Cash Money beats (Mannie Fresh), Miami bass music and '90s R&B."

Roll something and stream Milk below.