If you've ever created high-level art for consumption on the internet, odds are favorable someone has already turned it into a meme. Nothing is off-limits, whether it's a children's television show or a song you spent hours upon hours putting together.

Childish Gambino's "Redbone" is the latest victim of this phenomenon. The original song is super dope, and quickly became one of Gambino's most popular songs when it was released back in November 2016, generating over 56 million views on YouTube and 131 million views on Spotify to date.

In the time since, Gambino's song has been remixed by the likes of Wiz Khalifa and CeeLo Green, and was featured prominently in one of 2017's surprise hit movies, Get OutBut those remixes sparked an idea within the depths of Twitter: what if the internet just put an assortment of random sounds over top of the instrumental for "Redbone"?

The results range from quirky to downright hilarious. Some were more musical in nature, like appearances from Swizz Beats and the band Smashmouth.

Others were more in line with a traditional reimagining of the song, like this screwed-and-chopped version (which features the customary purple-tinted visuals):

From there, things take a predictable turn toward the absurd. Every imaginable setting has been introduced in "Redbone" remixes, from the inside of a house party bathroom to, well, the inside of a house party bathroom, but with chicken nuggets:

Others went the deceptive route, using the still image from the album artwork to trick Twitter users into clicking on a completely different song than they were expecting:

(Side note: I'm reporting you to the authorities if you try to Rick Roll me in 2017. Enough is enough.)

There are entire accounts dedicated to creating and sharing new remixes emerging on Twitter, including one with just under 7,000 followers as of this writing. We may be quickly approaching the point of oversaturation, however, because those same accounts have lobbed up some bricks:

There's no real way of telling what Donald Glover thinks of the trend, because his social feeds are completely empty at the moment. But if he ever decides to dive back into the Twitterverse, my advice is to reintroduce himself with a personal "remix" of "Redbone," because he's just about the last person on Earth who hasn't participated. 

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