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Last night's announcement that Kendrick Lamar's new album will be released April 14 split the internet in half: either fans were excited that his To Pimp a Butterfly follow-up was just a week away, or fans were excited but also somewhat disappointed by what they presumed was an April 7 album drop.

To be fair, Kendrick nor anyone from TDE said an album was dropping April 7. The line "Y'all got 'til April the 7th to get y'all shit together" ended up being a warning for a pre-order to his album, and we more than likely won't remember this moment in a negative light once we get to hear the album. But if you still have an issue with what transpired, Anthony "Top Dawg" Tiffith is here to address it directly.

The CEO of TDE took to Twitter to respond to fans who were feeling less than happy about the April 7 announcement, and he kept it a buck about what went down.

First, he confirmed without a shadow of a doubt that the album is coming April 14.

APRIL 14, 2017

— TOP DAWG TDE (@dangerookipawaa) April 7, 2017

He then responded to a fan who felt Kendrick should have said "April 14" instead of "April 7."

show me where i said it was dropping on the 7th and i will give you and all my followers 10k

— TOP DAWG TDE (@dangerookipawaa) April 7, 2017

One fan theorized "Humble" was supposed to drop April 7 but got pushed up because of the cover art leaking last week, to which Top Dawg replied, "Smart man."

smart man

— TOP DAWG TDE (@dangerookipawaa) April 7, 2017

His response to another fan pointing out it ain't official until Top Dawg says it is:

smart young lady

— TOP DAWG TDE (@dangerookipawaa) April 7, 2017

Someone else claimed Kendrick said his album was dropping April 7.

did he say his album was dropping?

— TOP DAWG TDE (@dangerookipawaa) April 7, 2017

His reply to the "backlash":

i look at it as excitement my bro.....

— TOP DAWG TDE (@dangerookipawaa) April 7, 2017

Again, for those in the back:

is really that easy to mislead u by saying get your shit together by the 7th

— TOP DAWG TDE (@dangerookipawaa) April 7, 2017

He also mentioned being featured on Kendrick's upcoming album. Based on the composer credits, it's unclear at this time who will be heard on K-Dot's album. For what it's worth, Top Dawg is listed in the credits, so if you hear him pop up, don't say he didn't warn you.

my feature....i killed dot on it

— TOP DAWG TDE (@dangerookipawaa) April 7, 2017

I got bars

— TOP DAWG TDE (@dangerookipawaa) April 7, 2017

i don't need no ghost writer fam....

— TOP DAWG TDE (@dangerookipawaa) April 7, 2017

He then put things into perspective.

REAL SHIT, i apprec8 u all 4 always supportin TDE. it wud b a major prob if y'all wasnt on my head about our music. i wud be sad as fuck lol

— TOP DAWG TDE (@dangerookipawaa) April 7, 2017

April 14 can't come soon enough.