Kevin Gates’ hopes for freedom were squashed this week, after a judge ruled the rapper would remain behind bars for the foreseeable future.

According to TMZ, Gates appeared in Illinois’ Bridgeview Courthouse on Wednesday for a bond hearing involving his weapons case. The judge decided to deny the 32-year-old’s bail, keeping him locked up at Kendall County Jail in Yorkville, Illinois. TMZ reports the reason behind the court’s decision is not yet known.

The New Orleans-bred rapper has come close to being released several times. Back in March, Gates was scheduled to leave Polk County Jail after serving time for allegedly kicking a woman at his concert; however, as he was being processed out of jail, Florida authorities discovered he had an outstanding weapons-related warrant in Illinois. So Gates was re-arrested and kept behind bars until he was he was transferred to Illinois.

Immediately after his re-arrest, Gates’ wife, Dreka Haynes, released a statement on Instagram, asking fans to pray for his release and to ignore “the things that have been put out by the media.”

Complex has reached out to Kendall County and Bridgeview Courthouse officials.