Complex today announced the series premiere of “EVERYDAY STRUGGLE,” a new daily morning show covering the biggest news and hot-button issues facing hip-hop music and pop-culture. Serving as co-hosts, famed rapper and host of “I’ll Name This Podcast Later” Joe Budden and opinionated urban media commentator DJ Akademiks will face-off each day about the artist they feel deserve their top spots, who’s fallen off, wage their bets on brewing rap beef, analyze the latest social media buzz and determine which artists are moving the culture forward.

Each heated discussion will be filmed in-studio and moderated by Complex News’ Noah Callahan-Bever and Nadeska Alexis. Conversations will get intense and opinions are taken to the next level as Joe and Akademiks battle it out every morning at 11:00 AM on starting on April 10. 
"While I would love to say something really heartwarming and politically correct, I'm not sure that would properly convey the sentiment I think all of us have. So from Myself, Akademics & the good ppl over at Complex... we bout to F*** S*** UP, “ remarked Joe Budden. 
"They always say it's not about who did it first it's who did it best... but after seeing the vision for the show and the great people around it, I truly believe we can kill two birds with one stone. Joe and I along with complex will definitely be delivering some epic moments and setting the canvas for very interesting and insightful dialogue, " commented DJ Akademiks.
Joe Budden has been making waves in the music industry as a solo artist and member of the hip-hop supergroup Slaughterhouse. Budden achieved commercial success as a solo artist with the 2003 single “Pump It Up.” Throughout his career, Budden has released seven studio albums, numerous mixtapes and had singles featured in soundtracks for several blockbuster films and video games. In 2014 Budden joined New York’s Hot 97’s morning crew as co-host where he was known to have “no filter” on many of hip-hop’s controversial topics. Budden went on expand his media industry presence on television, spending two seasons on VH1’s popular “Love and Hip-Hop” series and season six of “Couples Therapy.”
DJ Akademiks launched his career in the music industry as a disc jockey, spinning at local parties and creating beats as a college student studying biomathematics at Rutgers University. During that time, Akademiks launched his first YouTube page as a way to promote his projects but expanded his channel to include on-campus interviews with students on various hip-hop topics. Known as the “one-man hip-hop TMZ,” DJ Akademiks has amassed a following of over 1Million subscribers on his YouTube channel where he serves a the millennial generation’s go-to source for hip-hop news and culture, often weaving satire into controversial reports on hip-hop music news and current events within the entertainment industry.