DJ Marvel just dropped the mix we didn't realize we all needed with "This One Time At Band Camp...A Salute To Flute Rap." You may have noticed this instrument's trill—literally—sound infiltrating many of your favourite trap songs: Metro BoominMurda Beatz and Zaytoven are just a few of the names who have been incorporating the classic woodwind's unmistakable sound into their beats as of late. The Vancouver-based DJ, producer and one half of the live production duo Live Evil certainly has, and instead of sitting around passively like the rest of us, Marvel decided to do his part to salute the flute with this hour-long mix. 

Marvel incorporates both new hits from the producers we named above as well as some classic favourites from the likes of J. Dilla, The Beatnuts, Erik B. and Rakim and Gil Scott Heron. The mix will definitely remind you of some flute-flavoured songs you forgot about, as well as have you wondering why you didn't realize the flute was such an bad ass instrument until now. 

Stream the mix above or visit Audiomack, where Marvel has graciously put the mix up for download.