On Thursday the Gorillaz released not one, not two, not three, not four, not--oh wait, it was four—four new songs from their upcoming album Humanz. It will be the first album from the cartoon group [whose not-animated members are Blur's Damon Albarn and illustrator Jamie Hewlett] in six years, and will be available on April 28th. The tracks that debuted on Thursday include "Saturnz Barz," which is embedded above, and features Popcaan.

Making up the rest of the foursome are "We've Got the Power," featuring Savages' Jehnny Beth:

"Ascension," featuring Vince Staples:

And "Andromeda," featuring D.R.A.M.:

Humanz will feature 14 songs, and will be the group's first album since 2011's The Fall. Guests will include Pusha T, Danny Brown, De La Soul, Grace Jones, and a bunch of others. According to Rolling Stone, the deluxe edition, which will have five additional tracks, will also feature appearances by Peven Everett, Kilo Kish and Carly Simon. A special "super deluxe edition" will also be available, and will have all 14 songs (with alternative versions) from the regular edition on their own vinyl records. Assess how much space you have in your dwelling accordingly.

On top of that, the band will perform the entire album live on Friday night in London.

For those of us who aren't in London at the moment, today's releases should give you a preview of whether or not it's been worth the wait.