Lil Yachty is a character. So is Tim Westwood. The combination of both of them in the same room is internet gold. While Yachty is currently overseas on tour, he recently caught up with Boat to talk about a number of topics, including his next album, thoughts on old school rap, meeting Drake, and much more.


Of course, if you know Yachty, you know he loves pizza. So naturally, he was eating pizza throughout the interview. In fact, he mentioned that he doesn't eat a whole lot else but pizza and fast food.

Aside from the junk food talk, Yachty opened up about his next project and said that he's really just trying to deliver a message to the youth and not please an older crowd of music listeners. This is notable based on Yachty's recent history on the subject, and the fact that he's often said he doesn't really listen to older hip-hop. Yachty didn't reveal an actual release date for the album, but said it could be out at the end of this month or early April. Not much is known about the Teenage Emotions, but Yachty did say that he'd love to make music with Drake after meeting up with him in Europe the other day. "Drake is the GOAT," Yachty said. 

You can check out the full interview above.