Nardwuar the Human Serviette, a master interviewer by any measurement, just dropped a new 15-minute interview with G.O.O.D. Music star Desiigner. The reliably lively discussion was recorded during this year's South by Southwest Music Festival in Austin, Texas and features a nice pop-in from Desiigner's manager Zana Ray.

The interview opens with a reference to Desiigner's blues-driven family history, as Nardwuar presented the Grammy nominee with a vintage copy of Sidney "Guitar Crusher" Selby's "Weak for Your Love" single. "You dig? Yeah, that's my grandfather, man," Desiigner said. "You crazy, man. You crazy. Shout out my grandfather, Guitar Crusher. It's an original, man." The Guitar Crusher sound, Desiigner added, has been very influential in his own work.

Asked about sleeping on the carpet and crashing on the couch when he was younger, Desiigner said the struggle kept him focused. "I think that being in the projects just drove me stronger," he said. "It just put me in the high mind state, put me in that high power mind."

Nardwuar also hit Desiigner with some inquiries about his Jackie Chan fandom, his love of Gatorade, and that fateful call from Kanye West. Naturally, Nardwuar presented Desiigner with a bootleg Life of Pablo vinyl featuring "a different ass" on the cover. But enough with the reading about it, just watch the full interview at the top of this page.