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If you can, please set aside all the clichés you had prepared to tweet and/or say out loud to a fellow human being about how shitty Mondays are. Instead, embrace Monday and all it has to offer you by blowing off work commitments for a 14-minute chat between two titans of conversation: Nardwuar and Eric André.

To kick things off in a friendly fashion, Nardwuar generously presented Eric André with a gift: a GG Allin comic book. "Is this a Ponzi scheme, is this like Scientology?" André asked, proving that assuming everyone is out to Ponzi scheme you into a religion is a great way to conduct discussions. "I think he smelled pretty bad," André added of his GG Allin appreciation. "And I think that he was interesting to watch."

Dude also reminded us that Allin was "a horrible person" before shifting the discussion to Nardwuar's previous encounter with 2 Chainz. "He doesn't remember me," Nardwuar explained. Bummer.

Nardwuar and André also managed to passionately discuss the legality of eating actual feces on television, the power of a good musk, and that time Alex Jones felt the wrath of comedy while screaming at an audience about, um, who the hell really knows?

The current season of The Eric André Show, which recently featured a swarm of rats understandably freaking Stacey Dash the hell out, has certainly been a shining example of true journalism in an industry otherwise rife with fakes. "They have no idea what the fuck is going on, and this season I don't even meet them before filming," André told Complex earlier this month of the new episodes. "Previous seasons, I'd meet them in the green room beforehand, but now I'm meeting them for the first time on camera, so they're really in the dark. The show's out now, so people can research it, but we purposefully try to book guests that do not watch Adult Swim." Never stop never stopping, Eric André. ​