Just one week after listing the 1996 BMW 750iL that carried Tupac Shakur on the night he was fatally shot on the Las Vegas strip, an auction house has announced the sale of the GMC Suburban carrying Notorious B.I.G. the night he was fatally shot. The timing of the dueling auctions does not appear to be a coincidence, as the Moments In Time auction house provided a letter written by the former owner of the now infamous Sports Utility Vehicle.

“I read you were selling Tupac’s BMW and wondered if you would be interested in selling our car,” wrote the former vehicle owners.

According to the owners, the 1997 GMC Suburban carries over 100,000 miles and has been restored after being riddled with bullets March 9, 1997. The owners of the vehicle explained learning the truck was involved in B.I.G.’s murder only after being contacted by LAPD detectives to use the vehicle as evidence.

Former friends Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac were linked in both life and death. What would later be deemed an “East Coast versus West Coast” feud by some media outlets peaked when Tupac took several verbal jabs at Notorious B.I.G. and Sean Combs during the 1995 Source Awards. Things continued with allegations of Tupac sleeping with B.I.G.’s estranged wife Faith Evans and diss songs such as “Hit ’Em Up” and “Toss It Up.”

Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac Shakur died less than six months apart in murders that remain unsolved. The simultaneous auction of the two vehicles involved in both murders could likely raise questions about profiting from what is widely believed to be a feud that turned deadly.

Moments In Time is selling the 1997 GMC Suburban for $1.5 million.