You thought we were gonna go with Rick Ross or Kendrick Lamar, right? "Idols Become Rivals" and "The Heart Part 4" have impressive takedowns of Birdman and Big Sean (and Drake?), but neither song has the wordplay and subtle vocal surprises Young Thug gave us on "Sacrifices," from More Life.

Thugger usually hits us with the melodic flow and funny lines—rarely does he have a full verse where he goes off throughout (and you can understand what he's saying.) He gives us a short autobiography at the start, then tells us how he handles beef before ending with a game of verbal gymnastics, complete with explanations for adlibs.

Since Jeffrey dropped, we've seen Thug's pen game evolve. (He was a runner-up for Best Rapper Alive in 2016.) His songs seem even more complex in structure than they already were, and he's been getting kinky with the way he lays his voice on a beat lately. This is why Thugger's verse on "Sacrifices" is our pick for March's verse of the month. (Check out last month's verse.)

"I was stealin' from a bitch (slime)
Back when I was 21 (facts)
My favorite gun was a SIG (nine)
20 in the clip, head one (no cockin')
Growin' up, I was a runnin' back
You never made me ran once
I got shot, sweat started runnin' (goddamn)
That shit was red like Hunt (ketchup)
I'm kickin' pimpin' like I punt (beat it)
But don't you think shit's sweet?
I'm talkin' sweet, deer meat (ooh)
I'm talkin' suite like he sleep (like he sleep)
We ain't doin' too much talkin'
I'm talmbout talkin' like a speech (election)
Like the President, I kill 'em neat (scammers)
I’m talkin' neat like freak
I'm talkin' neat like fleek
I'm talkin' neat like a geek
You come with beef, I eat a bih
I'm talkin' B’s, spellin' bee (sheesh)
Double R, that's a Rolls, paint it yellow like it's dairy
I'm talkin' Rose like Derrick
I'm talkin' rolls like a belly (wooh)
Like a new car, I got two keys
Tryna score the bucket like a Chevy seat
Then I heard they been pullin' all week
I'ma use ya name like, "Who is he?"
You get it? I said I'm a username like, who is he?
Got some gold on, leprechaun, sheesh
Deep sleep short for deceased
Big bezel on the Patty (woo)
I’m talkin' PADI—I meant Patek
Don't try to take it, I got guns
I'm talkin' guns, not pellets
I watch the game from the floor (floor seats)
I'm talkin' wood, first mattress
I'm talkin' wood, pants down
I'm talkin' woods like them clowns (you get it?)
I got my mink off a monkey
I'm talkin' monkey like Jumanji (argh)
All your diamonds partly sunny
I'm talkin' sunny like D, Sunny (Sunny Delight)
My diamonds wet, it cost me money
I'm talkin' wet like it's runnin' (sink)
I'm talkin' wet like Katrina (New Orleans)
I'm talkin' wet like Dasani, huh"

Stop sleeping on the James Brown of Rap.