A year to the day after Bankroll Fresh was shot to death, the Atlanta rapper’s posthumous debut album finally has a release date. While speaking to XXL, Bankroll’s mother Terisa Price revealed key information about the 12-track opus, titled In Bank We Trust, due out April 24.

“We’re gonna have some features on there from different other artists that’s out,” she explained. "But we’re working on it now and we were just in the studio the other day and we’ve got a hot song that’s gonna be a single. I named it ‘A Hell of a Night.’ I named ‘Dirty Game’ and I named ‘Truth Be Told,’ I named those songs. I think it’s highly anticipated.”

Since his death, new Bankroll music has been released sporadically, including his single "Truth Be Told" and an appearance “All There” from Jeezy’s Trap or Die 3 track. On his 29th birthday, Bankroll’s colleagues dropped the video for his song “Ran Up a Check,” which featured intimate clips from the slain rapper’s personal life.

Though his murder remains unsolved, events of that fateful night crystallized a little after police released surveillance video taken from the scene of the crime. Law enforcement believes that up to a half-dozen guns were used in the shooting, and that the rapper may have been trying to defend himself against an onslaught of bullets.

“Whether or not he was defending himself or the other person defending themselves, that is the question,” Atlanta police Maj. Adam Lee said at the time. “That’s where we are trying to get to the truth.”