One common theme throughout NBA All-Star Weekend is that there are more stars in the crowd than there are on the court. In fact, we're guessing the ratio of celebrities to players is about 50-to-1. And two of the dudes who made an appearance in New Orleans this week were none other than Ghostface Killah and Raekwon, who were nice enough to sit and talk with Complex before putting their taste buds through sheer agony (more on that in like five seconds).

First they talked about how they stay so close over the years, and how they do things at ASW. If you happen to be there it sounds like they're cool with taking pics.

From there they pivoted to talking about how they were set to pair up for a live episode of Hot Ones soon after this interview. Showcasing the two most common pregame approaches to the increasingly spicy wings, Ghostface expressed some worry, and even said, "As long as it's not hot." Good luck with that.

Meanwhile, Raekwon seemed completely unfazed. Though, as we've seen, everybody's got a plan 'til that sauce punches them in the mouth.

Guess we'll have to see how those contrasting attitudes fare when they're put to the test.

Keep your eye out for Hot Ones featuring Ghostface and Raekwon  when it drops.