Lamont Richmond, the guy who reportedly got in a physical fight with Justin Bieber last week after the NBA Finals is now requesting a one-on-one with the singer. According to TMZ, Richmond's representative reached out to team Bieber through a letter asking for a meeting with Bieber where Richmond will take responsibility for the altercation only if Justin does also.

The letter claims this meeting will "help seek a resolution," but not much else is stated in the note besides the meeting request. However, Richmond's rep said if there is no meeting, a lawsuit could be coming instead.

If you don't remember, a crazy video surfaced online showing Bieber in a brawl following Game 3 of the NBA Finals in Cleveland, Ohio. The clip clearly showed Bieber outside a hotel taking a blow to the head before he swiftly struck back at the other, seemingly much bigger guy. The fight impressed close Bieber friend and now-retired boxer Floyd Mayweather who thought Bieber showed heart by not backing down. The confrontation even left Floyd Mayweather impressed. "Justin Bieber ain’t no bitch," Mayweather said in response to the fight.

After the fight, Richmond took to Facebook to talk about the incident and explained the whole thing was over asking for an autograph. He also said he got death threats from the legions of Bieber's fans and lost his job. The whole thing is weird since he later backtracked on his claim that he was the guy in the fight with Bieber. Bieber hasn't commented on Richmond's reported request for a meeting, but he did kind of address the fight in an Instagram post