Back-to-back Future albums not enough for you? Thanks to Zane Lowe, we're also getting back-to-back Future interviews. In an 11-minute discussion released on the eve of HNDRXX's release, Future teased the 17-track album by hyping up the Metro Boomin-produced opener "My Collection" and promising the release is even more honest than Honest.

Discussing his decision to hit fans (and the music industry at large?) with a sneak attack, Future said he considers this a "special time" in his career. "I believe HNDRXX is more personal, you know what I'm saying?" he told Lowe. Comparing the new album's honesty with that of his seemingly honest 2014 album Honest, Future explained that he just liked the title at the time, not the concept itself.

"It might get more attention than I want it to get," Future said of that aforementioned Metro track. "It might get the wrong attention. It might get great attention. Who knows?" He also added, "If it ruffles feathers, it is what it is."

For now, Future is focused on being himself at all times and ignoring detractors. "The biggest thing is when you say certain things and people react a certain way and you're like, damn, I didn't want to come off that kind of way," he said. "So the biggest thing is just being yourself all the time. When you try to be yourself all the time, everyone's not gonna like it. But who cares?"

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