New details have emerged on the defamation lawsuit filed by Frank Ocean's father. The suit, first reported Thursday, accuses Ocean of lying in a June 2016 Tumblr post about Calvin Cooksey's alleged use of a slur against a transgender waitress and claims the allegations have sabotaged his future "film and music" opportunities. A copy of the complaint was obtained by Pitchfork Friday, revealing that Cooksey labels Tyler, the Creator a "devil worshiper" and his own son a "fraud."

Cooksey accuses his son of fabricating the slur claim to promote Blonde and ruin his reputation. "Defendant is a fraud and only cared about making millions of dollars through Defendant's exclusive deal with Apple Inc," the complaint states. Cooksey also accuses Ocean's mother, Katonya Breaux, of being hypocritical for criticizing homophobic remarks from gospel singer Kim Burrell while keeping mum about Tyler's lyrical content.

Speaking of Tyler, Cooksey had plenty to say about the Odd Future founder. Amid references to God and the 10 Commandments, Cooksey declares Tyler a "'devil worshiper' that has been banned [in] the United Kingdom for 5 years over homophobic rap lyrics." Cooksey adds that it's "important to note" that Ocean did not include Tyler in the referenced Tumblr post, a move Cooksey says was intentional. The complaint also accuses Tyler of demonstrating "hate for the LBGT community [sic]." Attached to the complaint is a fan-altered version of the deluxe Goblin cover, which infamously features a sick ass upside-down cross on Tyler's head.

Ocean and Cooksey have since been encouraged to pursue an out-of-court agreement.