Beyoncé isn’t letting pregnancy stop her from putting on a show.

According to TMZ, sources with knowledge on the situation claim Bey has no plans to cancel her upcoming Coachella performance, despite being pregnant with twins. This is great news for ticket-holders, as many wondered if the 35-year-old singer would go through with the concert after revealing she and husband Jay Z were expecting. The news was a surprise to fans, as well as Coachella organizers; however, not everyone was left in the dark.

TMZ reports Beyoncé has already booked two surprise guest appearances for the festival, and that the mystery artists were well aware of her pregnancy prior to the Instagram announcement. Sources say one of the performers is a Roc Nation signee, and the other, though not a part of the Roc Nation family, is “still close to Bey.” Let the predictions begin.

Judging by the series of photos posted to Beyoncé’s official website, many believe she is now four to five months pregnant, meaning she’ll likely be in the third trimester by the time Coachella rolls around. It’s unclear how the singer will perform in that state, but we’re confident she’ll give fans a show to remember.