Donald Trump's inauguration ceremony is all set to include the likes of Toby Keith, Jennifer Holiday, and 3 Doors Down who will help provide the musical backdrop on Jan. 19. After Beyoncé helped ring in President Barack Obama's second term, this year's lineup is the "Make America Great Again" celebration Trump supporters have waited for.

If you're one of those people who just aren't into the artists performing, then fear not. One of the music world's most outspoken Trump critics, Compton's own YG, has offered his services for the inauguration. But there's a catch:

Given the president-elect's notoriously thin skin, it's doubtful he'd let a vocal critic perform at the inauguration, regardless of price. YG's brash pre-election anthem will probably play at plenty of protests and homes around the country next Friday, but don't expect the new administration to roll out the red carpet for him.

YG has not relented in his criticism of Trump or people around Trump in the wake of his electoral college victory. In the days following the election, he reiterated he was proud to stand behind the message of the song:


Weeks later when Kanye West had his infamous meeting with the soon-to-be president, YG hit him with a call to action. He has gone as far as posting images of Trump photoshopped alongside KKK members:

It's probably safe to say the Trump family won't be sending any Christmas cards to the YG household next December.

The music industry at large made it clear they would be staying far away from Trump's inauguration. 2 Chainz confessed on Instagram that he turned down an offer to be part of Inauguration Day, despite a long-held desire to visit the White House while President Obama was in office.

Still, the Donald appears happy that his team has been able to get everyone they wanted, and perhaps even overachieved:

Whatever makes you feel better...