Well, this is something. While fans are patiently waiting on new music from Kendrick Lamar, there's now evidence that he is indeed in the studio working. What fans didn't know was that Kendrick is actually in the studio working on new music with Rich the Kid, which the young artist posted on both his Twitter and Snapchat earlier on Wednesday. In a statement to Complex, Rich confirmed that the song with Kendrick will be featured on his upcoming new album. The song is titled "For the Birds" and Rich said him and Kendrick had great chemistry together. 

New music from Kendrick is always welcomed and him venturing into the trap music world would definitely be an interesting turn. If you're not hip to Rich the Kid, he is basically everywhere in rap, having possibly collaborated with Frank Ocean, while also working with Jaden Smith and a slew of other artists. Stay tuned for what him and Kendrick are cooking up. 

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