A lot has changed for Kendrick Lamar since 2009. The Compton MC is widely considered to be the best rapper in the game and for good reason. He consistently delivers for his fans and has helped build TDE into a powerhouse in the industry. Still, it's fun to look back at artists when they were first coming up. For instance, the above throwback video of Kendrick Lamar from 2009 where he spits a dope freestyle over Kanye West's "So Appalled" instrumental.

Diehard Kendrick fans will surely remember this moment, but for others it's a good reminder of just how far he has come as an artist. The bars were still tight and the flow was on point, but it's clear that Kendrick has perfected his craft over the years. It would be nice to see Kendrick go off the top and freestyle over popular beats like he did back in the day, but for now this will have to do. Check out the video above, which also includes a short interview.